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Hide your online activity

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    Download Torrents Anonymously

    TorrentPrivacy guarantees your privacy as you surf the web, download torrents, and all other online tasks. You no longer have to worry about anyone monitoring your connection!

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    Make Your Identity Invisible

    Hide your online identity with one-click traffic encryption.

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    Access Blocked Websites

    Get access to any website blocked by your ISP.

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TorrentPrivacy — is an application able to download torrents anonymously and hide your personal data

How It Works?

TorrentPrivacy creates a tunnel between your computer and a remote server, which is responsible for pushing your data out to the internet. Your data is also encrypted which means that no one else can read it. None of your data is held by our servers, however. It's that simple! Once you start the program, you can browse with full confidence that none of your activities are being monitored or recorded. Just relax and leave the grunt work up to us.

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy

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  Attention! It is not safe Download content You IP You

The above number is your unique internet address; it can be used to trace all of your online activity back to you. With TorrentPrivacy, however, this address is invisible.

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In addition, our servers do not store logs of your online activity. TorrentPrivacy Download content You IP is hidden 100% Anonymity

Our remote servers are located in different countries around the world, which means that your connection can appear to be coming from anywhere!

Info about our servers

TorrentPrivacy is a must for all situations in which you wish to hide your online identity or insure that your activities can't be monitored. Versions of the program are available for both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Server load indicator

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    NLD-1 300 Mbit 20% load
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    NLD-2 300 Mbit 53% load
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    NLD-3 150 Mbit 45% load
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    NLD-4 150 Mbit 18% load
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    USA-1 300 Mbit 31% load
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    USA-2 300 Mbit 7% load
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    USA-3 150 Mbit 100% load
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    SWE-3 300 Mbit 60% load

Serving customers since 2007


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    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    If you dislike our service we will not only return your money back but also buy the same subscription on any other BitTorrent Proxy service your’ll choose.

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    7 years of experience

    We were one of the first services of this kind on the market. We have over seven years of experience in providing professional, high quality service to our customers.

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    Since our launch, over one million people have used the TorrentPrivacy service.


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